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Shin Min Ah Comes Back With ‘Only You’ Movie After 2 Years

It’s been revealed that actress Shin Min Ah will be making her much-anticipated comeback through the upcoming movie, ‘Only You‘.

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Big Bang estimated to earn over $180,000 a day in 2012

An estimate of Big Bang‘s daily earnings has been revealed, shocking fans and netizens everywhere.

According to a celebrity X-file reported on February 9th by LIG Investment & Securities analyst Jung Yoo Suk, Big Bang is estimated to rake in an impressive amount Read the rest of this entry »


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Miryo and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny release “I Love You, I Love You”

On February 10th, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo unveiled a special surprise for her fans!

The rapper teamed up with Girls’ Generation member Sunny for a track in her album called “I Love You, I Love You“. The lyrics in the song express a girl’s regret over pushing her lover away because of her anger and pride. She holds onto the memories, but eventually realizes that she has to let him (and them) go.


I love this! I think a lot of girls would be able to relate to the message of the song. Well, I can’t comment if the song is well-written but the sound of the whole rapping and singing is pretty awesome. I found myself LSSed with the chorus in an instant! Both girls are looking great too! Check this out guys..it’s a very good collaboration.

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Sweet Sorrow (스윗 소로우) Presents KJazz?

VIVA! (Feat. 이소라)

Yup. Netizens call it kjazz and as I listened to the song..it’s just soooo nice! It;s very relaxing and soothing 🙂 Listen for youself :bd

Sweet Sorrow (스윗 소로우) is one group to look forward to more!

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Rookie Group SPICA (스피카) Rocks!

Doggedly (독하게) MV

The MV features the beautiful Lee Hyori. I admit that I watched this only because of Hyori but then their voices seemed okay and then I checked them out after. I like that they are not those cutsie patooties rookie groups out there. Nowadays, the cute/lollipop type of groups seem to be popping out like mushrooms everywhere. I like this difference 🙂 Don’t bash me. This is just my opinion because somehow it’s tiring to see “the usual”.

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Yay! Announcements! :D

Downloads page is fixed!! \:D/
Check it out HERE

Hihihi..till next time :3

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Maybe this is punishment for not checking this out anymore :(( I have to fix it. I want this site to still look clean even if it’s not updated anymore </3

I promise I’ll fix it on the weekends 😦

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New Boy Group Boyfriend Finally Unleashed! Album & MV Released!

Netizens have been talking about Starship Entertainment’s new boy group Boyfriend and finally their first mini-album has been released. On top of that is the release of the music video for their debut song “Boyfriend”!

check out the video and album download after cut 🙂

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