Super Junior Heechul just won’t stop RE-POST

SM Town in Bangkok Thailand February 7, 2009

Damn Heechul…now I seriously think he should stop singing that song….”I’m Crazy”
Seriously…I love him but I just can’t help not to react so violently….I was supposed to make a blog about Yunho Oppa’s birthday but then I saw this…I mean wtf!!!What’s with this guy??!!??

First it was Jungmo then Sungmin then…..Siwon?!?
this is really shocking!!damn!!Heechul please stop it…my friend said maybe you are just doing it because it is already an “image” for you to kiss guys but come on…many people can’t accept it…i’m starting to doubt your manliness….as one of your undead i am seriously not happy about all this things about kissing…i can’t even defend heechul oppa against people saying he’s gay because i too am starting to believe it…plaese stop it oppa T_T

video cr: thantida @ YT
title&pic cr: THERIPPER @ allkpop

When I posted this I also saw an article about Micky Yoochun making it Star You Want to Date But Not to Marry #1…
It really made me happy…^_^

Again I had violent reactions and this seemed an over reaction…LOL


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