U-Know Yunho is Ultra-Lickable RE-POST

SMTown concert Feb.7,2009 in Bangkok, Thailand

Yunho oppa is *reads the title again* sooo yummy…
Also, who would not want to see this right?

Uknow Yunho of Dong Bang Shin Ki celebrates his birthday on Feb. 6….He is now 23 (24 in Korea) years old…this cake thing happened on feb.7 on the SM Town concert…wish i was there T_T …except that i would not want to see the Heechul kissing Siwon part haha…anyways…


vid cr: thantida@ YT
by: Chubbiebunnie @ allkpop (also title cr ^_^)

As if he wasn’t delicious enough before! U-Know Yunho celebrated his 23rd (24th by Korean count) birthday during the SM Town concert in Bangkok, Thailand. His fellow SM brothers ganged up on him. Shindong from Super Junior held his arms, Micky Yoochun smashed a cake into his face, and Changmin made sure to rub a handful of cake into his hair too. Unless this crazy fangirl gets to him, this sexy beast is going to need plenty of shampoo tonight.


SM Town artists fighting!!!!even if i don’t know all of them…haha ^_^
Please hold SM Town Concert next on Philippines…(I could always dream right? T_T)

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