Fast and the Furious 4 (Release: April 3rd – Friday) RE-POST

Fast And The Furious 2009 Trailer

cr: indianmaluji @ YT

Dong Bang Shin Ki has a song in the film “Fast and Furious”, fourth in the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise.

While Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of  DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. Han, from, “Tokyo Drift” was in the film, there was a random Korean character that Vin Diesel held out of a window, there was not one Korean dry cleaner and DBSK had a song in the film.

DBSK has had, to date, the best musical debut of any other artist because their song was in a big money Hollywood film.

Release: 2009 April 3rd
*screams* can’t wait! ^_^

yay!tohoshinki fighting!

Love Fast and the Furious movies & now that the original cast are back–Vin Diesel, Paul Walker (—>love him!), Michelle Rodriguez (–>love her!) and Jordana Brewster—plus Tohoshinki’s song being used in the movie…
wah!!!I CAN’T WAIT!!!


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