TVXQ at Yamaha Intl. Motor Show 2009

[30th March 2009 – 18.30 – Bitec Bangna]

Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ!) members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho have flown all the way to Thailand as presenters of YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE motorcycle at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2009. Loads of fans (Cassiopeias) welcomed and cheered for them.

Fans have been coming to the YAMAHA MOTOR booth to wait for TVXQ! since morning. Once TVXQ! arrived on stage the fans cheered very loudly for a very long time!

As soon as the interview started, the MCs asked right away “Have you heard of Bangkok International Motor Show before?” To this Yunho replied “First of all, we’d like to greet the Thai fans ‘Sawasdee krub, Dong Bang Shin Ki krub’. To answer your question, we’ve heard that this is an annual event for all kinds of vehicles. We feel honored to be part of this event.”

In addition the BIKE OF THE YEAR 2009 Award goes to YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE 135. Changmin reveals “I’m glad and proud that YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE won the award. We weren’t expecting this and we’re happy to be part of it’s success.”

Junsu mentions about TVXQ!’s current activities “As you all know, right now we have activities in Japan and we’re preparing for our live tour there. We’ll have our (Asian) tour concert in Thailand soon. Please look forward to it.” Yunho added “In future, if we have the chance, we’ll try to visit Thailand as often as we can.”

“You guys have so much to do! Do you get any rest?” JaeJoong promptly replied “Actually we do have breaks. We meet our friends, listen to music, greet our fans in websites.” When asked which tourist attraction he wants to visit, Jaejoong says “I want to go to Chiangmai!” And fans cheered loudly again! Chiangmai is one of Thailand’s well-known tourist attraction. It’s one of the northern provinces that have elephant centers.

The highlight of this interview is the five members’ speaking Thai phrases. Junsu’s “Xiah Junsu jud hai!” (Xiah Junsu made it for you! / Xiah Junsu provided it!), Yoochun’s “Ngan khao!” (literally means “Incoming work!”, basically means “Gonna be (kept) busy!”), Jaejoong’s “Micky Yoochun pe mak!” (Micky Yuchun’s right on target!), Changmin’s “Nae-non yoo laew!” (That’s for sure! / Of course!) and Yunho’s “Nuovo Elegance doan! Doan sud sud laew! Doan!” (I love Nuovo Elegance! ‘doan’ literally means touch, hit, strike, bump against – in this case ‘touch (my heart)’). All those phrases certainly raised the fans’ blood pressure!

Before leaving, they also have a few words for Thai fans. Junsu said “We returned one month after SMTOWN concert and the fans received us with so much warmth. Thank you to all fans. We’re extremely happy.” Yoochun added “We’re also very happy to be this close to our Thai fans. We’ll have a (mini) fansigning event after this, lets make good memories and hope we’ll always be like this.” Jaejoong said “We have visited Thailand a few times. We’ll try to come more often. And I haven’t had my elephant ride – I’d really love to do that!” As for magnae Changmin “Thai fans receive us with so much love! We’ll try to come more often and thank you for all the support you’ve given us.” Finally leadershi Yunho’s turn “Thailand is a charming country. Whenever we come we fall for our lovely and kind fans’ charms. As for the concert, it won’t be that long a wait!”

*After the interview, TVXQ! held a fansigning event for over 50 lucky fans, happily and enthusiastically. The fans who attended the day’s event all returned home with smiles on their faces.

Note: If you connect the five Thai phrases, they not only serve Thai fans, but also serve as YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE campaign.

  • for more picutures chack out sharingyoochun@wp ^_^

Translations by: srisin
Shared by: DBSKnights +

*Happy too ^_^ (and a bit jealous about the signing…hehe)

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