Clouds all-out support to Rain [edited]


Reeling from the pain of paying up for his irresponsibility, Rain can sleep better at night knowing that his Clouds are there for him.

The Clouds (his fan club) will show their support by taking an ad out in newspapers in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Hawaii with the headline “We believe in RAIN” on April 3rd.

“A federal court jury yesterday slammed South Korean pop icon Rain and his former management company with an $8.1 million judgment, finding that they committed fraud and breach of contract when they abruptly canceled an Aloha Stadium concert in 2007.”

from the honolulu advertiser:

thanks: soju@popseoul

Love Rain ♥♥♥
I’ll support you too!!Even if I think it was a shame to cancel a whole concert…but wth! let’s support him!whatever his reasons are…no one died anyway right?
maybe it just produced a hole in his pocket?small or big or none at all??

It became sad for me when I read that people call him a fraud and those who are simply rude ti Bi about this…we don’t know the reasons right?anyone step up and tell me??
Rain fighting!!much love from your clouds <333


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