TVXQ Parodies [fanmade]

Wrong Number Parody

The latest from KiSung85

Xiah: “Plus, I’ll never forget the day I found out my dad and brother are regulars of Changmin”
Max: “I’ll never mention his mom calls too sometimes”

Wah!!Puahahaha!!!it’s really funny…XD Let’s laugh you guys!! – LOL
S/he is a genius huh?It’s just sooo smexy!!!@.@

Purple Line Parody [MY FAVORITE]

haha…This is the coolest for me!!enough said…

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Mirotic Parody
O Parody

Or For more of these entertaining stuff visit his/her (i think s/he is a SHE but anyway just to not make a mistake and offend someone…^_^) youtube channel

shared by: parkminni@wp


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