Why Kibum was Gone answered by SM Ent. (finally T_T)


SM Entertainment has revealed the reason behind Kim Kibum’s absence from Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry promotions. Since beginning their promotions for Sorry Sorry, the absence of Kim Kibum during Super Junior’s performance has led to lots of speculation about it from fans. SM Entertainment expressed that as Kim Kibum was preparing himself for his future acting career so he was unable to make it for Sorry Sorry performances.

The absence of Kim Kibum during Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry performances wasn’t that obvious initially because they had so many members (13) to begin with. But with the increasing rate of performances, many fans started noticing that someone was missing and that person was Kim Kibum. On the 27th March episode of Music Bank, Lee Teuk gave a shoutout to Kibum saying, “(we) also thank Kim Kibum who is now watching (us) on tv”. This led to many fans wondering whether Kim Kibum was still part of Super Junior.

A SM Entertainment representative dismissed rumors of Kim Kibum exiting Super Junior, “Kim Kibum participated in the album recording and music video filming, so he is still a member of Super Junior. As for his absence from Super Junior’s promotions, he is taking acting classes now for his future acting career/auditions. That’s why he was absent.”

Source: allkpop

Wow…is it just me or is it kinda hard to believe?It’s sort of a lame reason, isn’t it? (There I go…while SME explained it, I don’t believe it…wth!haha)
Elfs let us all believe…alrighty?


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