Super Junior did it again @ #1 Mutizen Song for Sorry Sorry

Super Junior Sorry Sorry perf @ Inkigayo [040509]

Hankyung and Eunhyuk HOOOOTT!!!
Kyuhyun sooo smexy!!@.@
Love SJ here everywhere everytime
Elfs singing to Sorry Sorry in the background….sooo awesome, always amazes me how Korean fans support their idols…^_^ FIGHTING!!

Inkigayo Super Junior winning & messages

Right after receiving the award Super Junior said

(Hongki said he’s giving the mic to “Heechul hyung” because he couldn’t interview him last week)

Heenim: yes, thank you to Lee Sooman sunsaengnim, and thank you to the numerous E.L.F., Heegyo, Petals, Undead! And our 양반님* who’s at home, Kibumah I love you!

Thank you, thank you!

(Kangin: Sungmin Sungmin~)

Sungmin: yes, our kind 13 members’ parents who watch us on from home, we love you very much, thank you. And thank you to our manager hyungdeul and all our stylists who are always with us. Because of all of you we were able to get 1st place, thank you.

(Eunjiwon: our Leeteuk ssi too)

(Leeteuk: Ryeowookie!)

Ryeowook: yes, ah~ thank you to my mom and dad who are watching me from home on TV now. Thank you very much to Lee Sooman sunsaengnim who said ‘let’s be brilliant in 2009′. All E.L.F. I love you~
* Nobleman

NOTE1. At the end of encore during Ryeowook’s first line (the very last second broadcasted by SBS) Heenim screams “Kibumah I love you!”
NOTE2. If they win next week too, it would be their 3rd consecutive win, and it’s called TRIPLE CROWN“.

Source. Newsen, SBS Inkigayo’s video, and a billion other articles
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