Fangirl gets to Micky’s Nerves


09.04.06 Gimpo Airport [Fancam]

vid cr: deevinne@YT

Through a fancam, we see the DBSK / TVXQ boys at the Gimpo Airport in Korea. At around the 0:17 mark, you can see Micky Yoochun angrily grabbing a girl’s wrist and taking her camera from her. A male attendant tried to get it back, but Micky held onto it and just left. Fortunately, as for the other boys, they left without too much trouble.

Umm…not biased or anything but I think Micky did the right thing…
Poor fan…maybe it was a wrong timing….because she kinda shoved the camera towards Micky the moment he turned…Oh well, lessons learned…
Maybe Micky lost his patience??Again, fans should know their limits so that no one would be treated rudely…the fan was rude (maybe she didn’t mean it) and Micky was rude (again, maybe he didn’t mean it)….
Bottom line is no one got hurt physically…^_^



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