Eeteuk’s Cyworld 2009.03.30 (winning MuBank)

This is one of my most favorite…Love Leeteuk sooo much…<33 ^_^
Aww…Leader sshi don’t cry!!elfs’ got your back…^_^
T_T really sweet…
Late post too *grin*

Leeteuk to Kibum
“Your hyungs made it”

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.03.30 00:20
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..Sorry Sorry..


2009.03.30 00:20

..I am sorry for crying like an idiot…

..Thank you for waiting so long..

..I thought I became stronger..But you understand right?….

..From now on, it’s just the beginning, let’s work hard..Holding hands and running together…

N.B* He used the same pic that Hae put on his cyworld sidebar 2 days ago :)

Credits; OnlySJ13;superduperlove@wp

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