Utada Hikaru, Se7en, BoA & Wonder Girls in People Mag

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Korean Artists Se7en, BoA, The Wonder Girls, and Japanese artist Utada Hikaru have a half page feature in the April 20th Edition of People Magazine. The feature is titled, “Coming To America… Asian Pop Stars.” It’s not too detailed, only giving a snippet of info about the artists, but still, it’s pretty cool that they’re in People Magazine. And at least they don’t think all asians look alike. Remember the last time an asian artist was in People Magazine?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Imagine yourself in Rain’s shoes right now: Your first debut in an American film (Speed Racer Failure) is currently the laughing stock of all movies, and the “Engrish” you’ve studied oh-so-hard for completely failed you. Nothing else could go wrong, right? Wrong! Celebrity magazine, People Magazine, tried to shed some light on the Korean singer-turned-actor by adding a interview with the 26-year-old in their latest issue, except the main picture of Rain is not really him. In fact, the picture was of Karl Yune (brother of Rick Yune).

SOURCE: allkpop

Lov Utada Hikaru!!Best japanese solo artist (women) for me!Poor Rain 😦


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