How Do Johnny’s Actors Rank Against… Each Other?

Johnny’s groups dominate many different forms of media here in Japan, including music, television, movies, magazines and more. The popular Japanese search engine ‘goo’ published just yesterday a chart of exactly who ranks highest amongst the Johnny’s actors, and how they compare to one another. For a limited time, the Johnny’s office even linked fans to the site to allow them to vote for their favourites, giving them a real voice in the final numbers.

It may come as no surprise to anyone that the magnificent Kimura Takuya, also known as KimuTaku, came in at number one.”Asunaro Hakusho” has just begun, marking a third chapter in Fuji TV’s fabulous Monday at 9 “Getsu Ku” series in which Kimura has starred, all of which have been huge hits. Kimura can play both light and dark roles, and has shown impressive range in the characters he has chosen to play.

Coming in at number two is Okada Junichi, a member of V6 who shows an entirely new side of himself in the brand new show “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye”. Not so long ago he was playing his first starring role in “SP Keishichou Keibi Bu Keigo Ka Dai Yon Kakari”, in which he showed his ability to play a policeman involved in hand-to-hand fights.


#1 Kimura Takuya
#2 Okada Junichi
#3 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
#4 Ninomiya Kazunari
#5 Nagase Tomoya
#6 Matsumoto Jun
#7 Domoto Tsuyoshi
#8 Yamashita Tomohisa
#9 Ikuta Toma
#10 Matsuoka Masahiro

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SOURCE: jpopasia
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Happy Birthday Yamapi!!<333

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