Kim Hyun Joong’s bag sold for a lot of money @.@


As most of you know, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and a bunch of other celebrities took part in a Coach’s “Coach Taste Maker Tote Project,” in which the celebrities personally designed their own canvas tote bags.


The Kim trio (Kim Bum, Kim Jun, & Kim Hyun Joong) aka the F3 will debut as designers for Coach (yes, the American brand) who is launching a “Coach Taste Maker Tote Project” event for their grand opening at the Shin Sae Gae (New World) Centum City in Busan.

20 famous celebrities are taking part by personally designing a canvas tote bag using color pencils, markers, dyes, cloth, beads, etc that will be auctioned. Designer quality at its finest. Some of the celebrities partaking in this event include the F3 Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, (I wonder why the leader is missing?) Tablo’s new love Kang Hye Jung, sexy singer Son Dam Bi, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Seung Yeon, Lee Hana, model Song Kyung Ah, Kim Da Wool, designer Kim Young Suk, Kim Jae Hyun, Dylan, etc

2009031tote20090tote20090318_tote bag

These bags will be exhibited in the Busan store from March 27th to April 5th and available for auction online from the 20th to April 6th on their website. Proceeds from the auctions will go toward a children’s foundation. Can you guess which bag is designed by who? Hint: Only 2 of the boys have their design shown and it should be easy if you are a fan.

Anyway, the bags were put up for a charity auction, where Kim Hyun Joong’s bag raised the most money, having its highest bid at a whopping 2,500,00 won (about $2,000 USD). Altogether, the total raised was 8,500,000 won ($6,447 USD), which means that Kim Hyun Joong’s bag alone raised almost 1/3 of the total amount. That’s pretty sad, considering there were 22 celebrities who participated in the project. Besides F3, some of the other less important participants were Son Dambi, Kang Hye Jung, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Seung Yeon, Lee Hana, Song Kyung Ah, Kim Da Wool, Kim Young Suk, Kim Jae Hyun, and Dylan.


SOURCE: allkpop
SHARED BY: parkminnie@wp

Goodnes!that’s a lot of money!!
I can’t guess who designed the other three tote bags (I know the first is from Son Dam Bi because of the signature…-_-) whose are the others?

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    I like boys before flowers

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    the trio kim….. I LOVE U…… But i luph more Kim joon sunbae…. Kim joon sunbae, saranghaminda………!!!! Gilaaaaaa…… Keryyyyeeen bangeddddd siech kim joon… KIM JOON SUNBAE, SARANGHAMINDA……….

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    kim joon sunbae, SARANGHAMINDA……..!!!!

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    i like you boys before flowers and terutama bangetz min ho and kim jun hikz hikz hehehehehehe

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    asheghatam kheılı 2 set daram kım joon ılove ss501 and t*max

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    I love you! & I like you!

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    i love you so much n i like you so much more than leah dizon.

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