Girls’ Generation Selca in Thailand

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The sun shines down upon the sea. In March, Girls’ Generation (minus YoonA) visited Pattaya, Thailand for the Pattaya Music Festival 2009 and then Bangkok. Ever wondered what their short travel was like? Through their cameras, the girls were pictured drinking fresh coconut juice, while they were riding on an elephant. At other times, they would hold hands and keep whispering to each other about something while smiling about it. They also enjoyed playing on the beach, splashing water at each other. All these happened during Girls’ Generation short stay in Thailand for 3 days and 2 nights. Let’s revisit their fun time in Thailand.

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Is it because they laugh easily at small things? Their facial expressions no matter what are lively and charming. For 3D2N, Girls’ Generation enjoyed a nice, short trip.

Travelling is like a pause in your life or like an exclamation point. Such is the case for Girls’ Generation. They have been promoting Gee for the past three months, and the short visit to Bangkok, Thailand, was meaningful for them as they relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. On the 21st, the view from above from our waiting rooms.

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Soo Young doesn’t have any problems wearing foreign brand pants because she has long legs. Thanks to a sudden diet, a wind might blow her (Jessica) away lol. Because of us, colorful skinny jeans have become the latest trend around Dongdaemun, right? hehe. Here’s a picture of us with Shinee for remembrance sake just before the final rehearsal. You can tell that we were really nervous.

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