Lee Junki’s Exclusive MV for Episode 2 Leaked


Lee Junki who has recorded an exclusive MV for his upcoming fan meeting Episode 2 for his fans, have been dealt with a blow after important scenes from it were leaked onto the internet recently. Junki who was still feeling the effects of an ankle injury suffered on the 5th during rehearsals for his fan meeting, was shocked to see part of his MV appearing on the internet. This has thus disrupted plans for the fan meeting as it was to be shown on that day exclusively. Mentor Entertainment has launched an inquiry as to how it was leaked.

Lee Junki had been working with famed Korean producer, Kim Hyung Suk on this MV which will be shown to fans during his Episode 2 fan meeting on the 18th. But the leak of partial scenes from the MV has disrupted the plan. Despite the blurry looking pictures, the sad thing was that most of the important scenes from the MV have been leaked.

A Mentor Entertainment representative expressed, “It’s unfortunate to have so many problems before the fan meeting has even started. But we believe that these are signs that point towards the big success of the fan meeting eventually. But we will still launch an inquiry and will go about it accordingly once the culprit is found out.”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Lee Junki’s second fan meeting codenamed Episode 2 will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park on 18th April. It’s the first stop of his scheduled world tour and thus is highly anticipated by his fans from all corners of the world. All kinds of professional equipment will be utilized to the max in order to bring fans an experience that they will never forget.

credit: baidu for pictures

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