KARA Goodbye Stage, “Having Won #1, That Was The Most Meaningful Moment”

Group KARA had their goodbye stage on KBS Music Bank on 10th April, ending their activities of the past 4 months.

KARA leader Park GyuRi said, “This is has been a very meaningful activity to us. We had our first #1 since our debut. Although it is nothing big but we felt that we have achieved a very precious Lieder ohne Worte (song without lyrics). With this, it makes us want to continue show a KARA who will not disappoint.”

“Even though we will take this short period to rest, our activities on variety programs will still carry on. We will show a different side and charms of KARA.”

Member Goo Hara, “This doesn’t feel like a last performance to us. All this while from ‘Pretty Girl’ to ‘Honey’, we have received loads of love from fans and we can only be thankful for that. KARA will comeback, even better and prettier, with our next album.”

Youngest member Kang Ji Yeong said, “Even though it hasn’t been more than 10 months since our debut, we have come up with 3 albums. Though there are lots of sad and tiring things that we faces, we received loads of love too and we are very blessed with that.”
KARA will have their last goodbye stage on SBS Inkigayo on 12th April ending their 2nd minialbum activities.

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