Teuk: “Even if it’s happened for 3 consecutive weeks, we can’t ever stop the tears.”

Third album titletrack <SORRY,SORRY> at the top of the Music Entertainment, idol group Super Junior declare their thoughts “It’s good to get rid of a superficial image.”

The evening of the 12th, Super Junior, who won Mutizen Song for three weeks in a row on SBS Inkigayo, were on the phone for an interview with Asia Economic Daily (Asia Kyeongje Sinmun) about their <SORRY,SORRY> activities as well as their experience up until now, and their future ambitions.

Leader Leeteuk said “Even if it’s happened for 3 consecutive weeks, we can’t ever stop the tears. We felt so much like crying, so we barely held them in, but it was a little teardrop” and “It had been a long time since we appeared and there were a lot of worries about whether we could do well, it feels like so many hard situations went by our own eyes.

Also, they felt the significance of this week’s 1st place. He explained “Thruthfully, the previous first places were achieved thanks to voting from the fans, and total album sales, but getting 1st place in a Music Chart this time was a bigger strength. Since being first in a Music Chart means that many people amidst the general public listened to our song, it’s different and meaningful.”

He continued “From a singer liked by the fans alone, it becomes a feeling of being appreciated by the fans and general public together.”

Ahead of their comeback, one of Super Junior’s biggest concern is that of being able to overcome the prejudices attached to their public image in people’s eyes. There were worries about whether the people from the general public could immerse themselves in the emphasis on <SORRY,SORRY>’s manly charisma.

Leeteuk added “Previously Super Junior’s strength was felt through varieties. Even sub-unit activities showed a large variety of images, thus we seemed to come across more like entertaining kids than singers,” and “However, now, we shall be seen as real men with a firm gaze, and a charisma that’s far from being awkward.”

Also, he continued “Especially, it seems Sungmin and Ryeowook have been shining” and “besides the one member wide spread over varieties, I’m glad the Vocal Line is seeing the light.”

Super Junior will conclude their <SORRY, SORRY> activities in April and, from the beginning of May, they plan to get started with the activities for another song. They’re currently in the midst of practicing the choreography, and they started working on the photographic concept of the future track. Leeteuk suggested “I can’t declare anything yet, but as usual we will show a charismatic image.”

Furthermore, he ambitiously declared Compared to flowers whose beauty dissipates, we’ll become the grass surviving until the end, and “weed that isn’t noticed immediately, but which keeps on growing. As long as Super Junior will have a long run.

Original Source. asiae.co.kr, AsiaKyungje & stoo.com
Credits to
La’MISS:fairy at sj-world.net

Got this from sapphirepearls.com

How beautiful leadersshi describes everything!^_^
I love how he says “We can’t ever stop the tears.” Super Junior fighting!!elfs got your back!
Can’t wait for their next song…another triple crown is it? (elfs shout: OF COURSE!!!)

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