The next kpop star…who?who?who?

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In 2009, three solo males have debuted in the Kpop world. Their names are Tae Goon, Chung Lim and AJ. I will dissect each of them for you and in the end you will make a decision. Who do you think will be the next male Kpop star? Let the battle begin.

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Name: Tae Goon
Age: 23
Entertainment Group: Logi Entertainment
Debut Single: “Call Me”
Debut Album: “Taegoon 1st Mini Album”

Tae Goon comes from Logi Entertainment who is most famous for female solo act Bae Seul Gi. Logi is an established group but it is not the reason why Tae Goon was so popular on his debut. Tae Goon’s friend, Jaejoong of DBSK/TVXQ, made a cameo appearance in his music video for his first single “Call Me”. Since DBSK/TVXQ has the largest fan group on the planet it only makes sense that Tae Goon got a lot of attention. I think his voice is the best out of all of the three because in his live performances (even though he has a heavy use of the MR as well) he actually sounds like his recording. His dancing reminds me a lot of Se7en with mixed elements of Rain. His moves seem to be a copy but at least they are clean. Looks wise he is the ugliest but he is tall (6 ft). His debut song is catchy and the rest of his album isn’t bad either.

Taegoon – Call Me(Feb 22, 2009)



Name: AJ
Age: 19
Entertainment Group: Cube Entertainment
Debut Single: “Dancing Shoes”
Debut Album: “First Episode A New Hero”

AJ comes from Cube Entertainment (sister group of the infamous JYP Entertainment) and therefore has the best resources to jump start his fame. His debut song and entire album was produced by The Brave Brothers, who are some of the best hit makers in the business. AJ had a group of fans already awaiting his debut because of his promotional videos. Although he brings a new school hip hop flavor of dance, you are blind if you can’t see the heavy influences of Rain. From his hip thrusts to his breathing into the microphone and even just the way he poses while he sings reeks of his predecessor. Of the three, I like his vocal tone the most but in his live performances he needs the help of the magical MR to make him sound tolerable. In the looks department he relies heavily on being cute. One downside is his height – he is the shortest of the three by 10 cm standing at 174 cm tall (about 5ft 8.5in).

newkpop_AJ2 newkpop_AJ3

03.04.09 AJ (에이제이) – Hot Debut ‘Dancing Shoes (댄싱슈즈)’


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Name: Chung Lim
Age: 23
Entertainment Group: ???
Debut Song: “Step”
Debut Album : “Step”

Finally, the underdog Chung Lim who is the least known and the least popular. His entertainment group is a new unknown group, however the producer behind his music is extremely well known…well, you may not know his name but you know his songs. His name is Kwon Tae Eun and he’s helped JYP produce hits for G.O.D, Rain, and even Wonder Girls‘ ever popular hit “Nobody“. He probably has the worst voice of the three but he gets props for singing most of his performance without the help of the MR. His dancing is the most unique of the three and that’s why it gets high marks. The added stomping noises and claps remind me of JYP’s effects for his choreography. Chung Lim changed up his breakdown dance part this past weekend in his performances. Looks wise he is the best looking of them all. I actually took the time to listen to his debut album and was pleasantly surprised because all of the tracks sounded great.

10.04.09]Chung Lim (청림) feat Benzi – Step



AJ brings a Rain aura…he’s pretty cool…
Taegoon…OMOO!!so hot!! love the pelvic work @ Call Me…he’s soooo HOT!and his height shows.
Chung Lim is super hot too!!really really good dance moves!!!!



  1. #1 by jjaguar on May 16, 2009 - 6:57 pm

    Love them all but AJ is my favorite one.

  2. #2 by Paola on July 6, 2009 - 4:46 pm

    I love and I do not mean TaeGoon by Jaejoong of DBSK, but because the truth is that potential. It has a beautiful smile and very sexy, also has a good voice and dance very well.

  3. #3 by Paola on July 6, 2009 - 4:50 pm

    I like them all.
    but I like it more taegoon…!! ^^

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