Battle of the Pop: SUPER JUNIOR versus TOHOSHINKI (cassies, our boys need help!!)

It’s the Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia!

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate musical showdown. In this second edition of Battle of the Pop we’re putting the very best of Asia up against each other for the Channel [V] Pop Star Throne. We know just how much you love the fresh Asian pop sound and so we’re giving you the chance to decide who the ultimate Asian sensation is! Big Bang vs Tohoshinki, Lollipop vs Farenheit, News vs Super Junior, S.H.E. vs Wonder Girls – Can you choose sides between the best of the best?

As Asia’s top music acts square off, viewers can vote for who rocks their world by logging on to Join the battle by selecting your favorite artists from each country and telling us why they are the best in the pop world.  We’ll tally up the votes and show you who reigns superior in the Battle of the Pop Asian Edition with special back-to-back music videos only on Channel [V].

– Round 1 ended April 6th

– Round 2 ended April 13th

Round 3 ends on FRIDAY, April 17th so be sure to get your votes in now.

Vote for your favorite artists now!

OMOOO!!!!cassiopeia fighting!!!!super Junior is leading!!!!let’s vote for tohoshinki!!!!!!!
This is really exciting!!!!whoever wins of the two..surely will be declared champion!! 😉
It’s really exciting…i love tohoshinki and i love super junior too…
LOL – I guess if tohoshinki were leading i would call out to all elfs and say “LET’S VOTE FOR SJ!!!”
*gets kicked by everyone*
*cassies and elfs say “@#$!@# freaking @#%^%” to me*
Yes i know that’s crap…i just don’t know which i will vote..T_T I love them sooooo mcuh!!!!!
can’t they both win???T_T*sad*

CHANNEL V’s Battle of the Pop Delayed

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