Super junior leeteuk and Davichi Kang min Kyung: about the “ewww!” incident!

There had been so much talk about the incident of Lee Teuk’s ‘ewww’ expression standing behind Davichi Kang Min Kyung when Davichi won #1 on SBS Inkigayo on 15th March.

Netizens had all pointed their fingers to the possibility that Kang Min Kyung actually passed out air, as Lee Teuk’s expression had seemed like he smelled something awful.

Now Davichi were on KBS Kiss The Radio on 9th April with Lee Teuk as the DJ, the truth to the incident gets revealed.

Kang Min Kyung said on the Kiss the Radio, “Today, I have something I have to say to Lee Teuk. Because of Lee Teuk I am being attacked by netizens. Lee Teuk was standing behind me during that episode of Inkigayo, and he had made an expression which had netizens think that I farted during the show. This is terrible because people start asking me why I have to be so indecent and fart on a broadcast show”.

Lee Teuk then explained, “From the screen, you can see that it’s as though I smelled something bad from Kang Min Kyung, but that’s not true. And there wasn’t any smell. After all, I am good at making such faces. It’s actually the smell of the leftover dry ice they use for the stage. I’m so sorry about it, I have no idea to that actually. Until some reporter started asking Kang Min Kyung about it.”

Eun Hyuk then joked, “Many times, Lee Teuk also gives out bad smell in the crowd”

Kang Min Kyung then said, “I don’t know why I have to be associated with being indecent/dirty. If I search Kang Min Kyung on the internet, I find associations like ‘fart’ etc. I’m not someone who will fart on broadcast programmes.”

It has been hard for Kang Min Kyung this while. She had blogged about it on her minihompy on several occasions saying “Flatulence X” and “It’s not because of a flatulence, this is making things very hard for me.”

Hope that this will clear Kang Min Kyung’s name finally. I’m sure no one will want to be stuck in such an embarrassing situation.

They also did a little parody for the photoshoot of the radio show.

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