8Eight performs @ KBS Lee Hanas Peppermint Ep.20 [mp3DL]

Now we all know that 8Eight is capable of some very powerful vocals as seen in their comeback stage, but they really outdid themselves with this one! During their performance on Lee Hana’s Peppermint recently, the trio performed several covers like Alicia Keys’ “No One”, Eminem’s “Stan” as well as their latest single, “Without A Heart.”

에이트 (8Eight) – 심장이 없어 (Don’t have a Heart) [이하나의 페퍼민트]

8Eight – Eminem Stan Cover

8Eight – Alicia Keys No One Cover

vid cr: AudHepFan@YT

Download Without a Heart mp3 Here
Download Stan Cover by 8Eight mp3 here

These guys (and girl) really caught me here!!!
THEY…ARE…SOOOOO…GOOOODD!!!I am a fan *hands down*
I remember there is someone who made a mv of Don’t Have A Heart with SoHee and Heechul in it…it was nicely done…

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