Ariel Lin After Brain Operation

A brain operation changed the life outlook for Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin. Besides maintaining high self-expectations on her existing work, Lin is now keen to take on challenges in different arenas, including lingerie advertisements which she has previously resisted.

An independent young lady who prefers to keep problems to herself, Lin did not reveal her operation to any friends including “on-screen husband” Joe Cheng, until a few days later.

“I’ve always been independent and bear with all of my own burdens. I am selfish, and silly too,” Lin admitted.

Having been cured of her disease of the endocrine system, Lin has also rid of the on-off swelling and weight deviation problems.

With a healthy body and better form, Lin will take on the runway for the first time in her life.
Lin said she used to think that she was short and not slim enough to model clothes and never had the guts to be on the runway.

Appearing in a surf green Yves Saint Lauren silky pant-skirt, which she said was a common sight on other celebrities, Lin is unafraid to be spotted in the same outfit as others. She explained that everyone would carry off the apparel differently and felt that the loose pant-skirt suited her best after trying it on thrice.

“It feels like I’m wearing a bathrobe; loose and comfortable, and even a little sexy!” she exclaimed.

New to fashion shows, Lin wobbled in her 12cm high silver heels and her partner at the show, Cheng, had to go to her rescue.

“The way he holds me make me feel like an Empress Dowager,” Lin said abashed.
A model-turned-actor, Cheng has had many runway experiences and under his guidance, Lin speedily improved.

After a battle with the endocrinal disease, Lin has also taken on a new diet. To remain slim, she only ate fruits and salads for meals in the past. Now she is neither afraid of oily food nor resists meat. She came to understand that nutrients for the body are more important and all food should be taken in moderation.

Cheng also reminds the public to care for their health, be aware of body failure symptoms and seek medical help immediately when unwell. In caring for his health, Cheng goes for a body check up every year to avoid discovering diseases at terminal stages.

Shared by: parkminnie@wp

Shocking it is…hope she’s alright now…
she’s really adorable and funny in It Started With A Kiss 1&2 ^_^


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