A’ST1’s Dynamite mv released![mp3 DL]


A’st 1 Dynamite MV


KARA showed a secret-yet-not-so-secret message backstage, during their farewell episode on KBS Music Bank. Which gives us reason to believe AST’1’s comeback track will be entitled “Dynamite.” And anyone who knows anything about k-pop, knows AST’1 will be anything but that. Think about it, just because you have Dynamite, doesn’t mean you’re going to have an explosive hit.

AST’1’s comeback stages:
Friday, 4/17 KBS Music Bank
Saturday, 4/18 MBC Music Core
Sunday, 4/19 SBS Inkigayo


1. Dynamite
2. 내가 아니라
3. No More
4. 빈칸 채우기
5. Why

The track “Dynamite” was composed by the composers of KARAs “Honey” and “Pretty Girl.”

Download mp3 Here

Cr: parkminnie@wp



  1. #1 by novita on April 18, 2009 - 10:04 am

    thanks for sharing…;))

  1. A’st1 Comeback Stage 04.17.2009 @ MuBank « Nothing Else

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