Younha’s Peace Love & Ice Cream mv released [vid+mp3DL]

The song Peace Love & Ice Cream has been receiving a lot of attention as well, but that isn’t just a sample, it’s a cover. With a smooth, comfortable melody, it’s been receiving praise that it is title worthy.

Younha – Peace Love & Ice Cream MV (english subbed)

Younha’s ballad track, Peace Love & Ice Cream from her 3rd album of the same title. A song about the 3 most important things in her life, Peace Love & Ice Cream. This is a cover of Dutch singer Sandy Dane’s 2008 debut song, Peace Love & Ice Cream.


Sandy Dane – Peace Love & Ice Cream MV

The video of the debut single of Sandy Dane “Peace, Love & Icecream”. Check for more info at:

Sony BMG (C) 2008


Download link after the cut

Download Younha’s PL&IC Here


If you really can’t help it please credit me and comment on this page with where you reposted the download link

it’s fuuny how if you check the videos out on youtube…the comments (most) on younha’s mv are saying Sandy Dane’s is better…
while the comments on sandy dane’s mv (most) say that they like younha’s better…haha
I mean they sound pretty much the same…-_- (do i get bashed for that?)

oh and i heard younha’s fans don’t like other people posting mp3 DLs of her songs…haha let’s try it then… 😀


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  1. #1 by lovestylefree on April 17, 2009 - 7:12 pm

    thank you for the mp3!!<3

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