Battle of the Pop Tohoshinki loosing over Super Junior

battle of the pop resulsts

Alright so there are no new news about artists these days…I’m just going to update about the still ongoing Battle of the Pop:Asia Vs. Asia..

Round 3 ended yesterday…BATTLES were between…

Rain and S.H.E.
Really close fight closing in at 1705 t0 1695 in favor of Rain…

Ayumi Hamasaki [717 votes] Vs. Stefanie Sun [740 votes]

So moving on…it will be Rain Vs. Stefanie Sun in Round 4

Show [614 votes] Vs. David Tap [266 votes]

and the most exciting battle between elfs and cassies…the vote counts are really no match for any battles above…haha!
Tohoshinki gained 27,843 VOTES
a lot?no way…because Super Junior got a whopping 30, 838 votes which makes them champion move on to Round 4

Let’s not get excited…I mean at Round 4 it is Show Vs. Super Junior
Show might still win…just consider the vote counts right now…
SJ’s got 2,526 and He’s got 139 votes -_-
that’s not too far behind, or is it?LOL

So Round 4 has started or the Semi-Finals…But I am sure that Super Junior is in it to be champion…haha
Round 4 ends 12nn WEDNESDAY, April 22nd.
Vote for your favorite artists now!

Go super junior!The hard round is done (that’s vs. tohoshinki) now it’s just gonna be an easy way up for championship…haha!

We just need around 500 votes against Show and maybe around 2,500 against Rain/Stefanie Sun…elfs don’t strain youselves too much…there’s really no need…LOL

Cr: parkminnie@wp

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