Big Bang to release “Show, Another Big Show”

Big Bang will release the making book ‘Show, Another Big Show’ for their ‘Big Show’ concert which took place in February this year on the 22nd.

The book talks about the behind-the-scene stories of the concert which took place over the span of 5 days – 30th January to 3rd February – during the concert which saw about 50,000 fans attending it.

The book, of over 600 pages thick, will be organized into 8 themes – ‘A Day Like A Lie’, ‘8 photos of transformation into actors’, ‘Dazzling Struggle’, ‘Wonderfu Life’, ‘Rehearsal for V.I.P’, ‘The Day of BIGSHOW’, ‘Oh My Friends!’ and ‘Stylish’.

What is special about this book is that usually stars will have concert DVD and concert special DVDs, but Big Bang chooses to release the concert special in the form of a book which brings through the thoughts and process of making the concert such a successful one.

Meanwhile, GDragon will have his solo activities in April, which TOP and SeungRi will be active in terms of acting.

Credits: Sookyeong@wp



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