Kangin Says Goodbye to Chin Chin Radio

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Super Junior member Kangin last dance as DJ occurred on April 19th’s MBC Chin Chin Radio. He bid farewell to his beloved show, listeners and SNSD member / radio partner in crime, Tae Yeon. Kangin was in tears as he read his farewell speech.

Kangin expressed, “I might not have lived for a very long time, but it seems like I have spent a large portion of my life here inside this studio. I have gained a lot and also lost a lot. I have also experienced a lot of meaningful moments while I was in here.” “Radio is like a friend to me, it keeps me going (on), gives me love and happiness. Need I say anything more?”

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He continued, “Kangin was a child who didn’t know anything at the beginning. But I won a DJ award during my time here and it was a place where I became famous… the staff who have been like family to me, like my real brothers, taking care of me like I was a new-born baby. Tae Yeon who has been constantly calling me oppa and following me. To everyone who have been listening despite your busy lifestyles, I am really thankful.”

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Finally, Kangin said, “I hope to be even closer to everyone when I come back next time. I love you all and thank you all. I am really honored to be able to work with the best brothers, sisters (staff) and Tae Yeon on the radio show!” Tae Yeon who was beside him, also started tearing after hearing his touching farewell speech.

Kangin started hosting the program on 23rd April, 2007 with Jo Jung Rin before Tae Yeon replaced her almost a year later and they developed great chemistry together over the past year. Kangin has had to leave the show due to his busy commitments elsewhere. Tae Yeon will be hosting the show by herself starting from 20th April.

090419 Taeyeon & Kangin – Last Day on Chin Chin / Farewell (Audio)


Final Shows.

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The wonderful memories with partner, Jo Jung Rin.

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The wonderful memories with partner, Tae Yeon.

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Saying goodbye.

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Credits to coolsmurf@allkpop for this wonderful entry
Shared by parkminnie@wp

Agree with coolsmurf “Chin Chin with Kangin and Tae Yeon will always be remembered.
Although I don’t get to listen to the Chin Chin Radio seeing the pictures…it’s just sad and beautiful
Kangin fighto!!
I love the last picture…shows emotion and their relationship as intimate friends T_T


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