MBC’s Top 20 most funniest celebrity family

17 April 2009 from MBC ’selection TV’ revealed the poll made by people who are in entertainmet & media business in the topic “Top 20 most funniest celebrity family”


#1Kim Aok Jong (Haha’s mom). She was on the show MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ with the very funny image and she was in all her family activities that could make people happy and laugh (especially netizen, they really admire her)
#2Choi Soo Jin (the older sister of Choi Soo Young of SNSD). She was in the show MBC ‘Introducing’s star friend’ in last Feb with the pretty face with the sining and dancing talent, made the netizen in love with her.
#3Kim Jun ho (the twin brother of Kim Junsu) he firstly appeared (officially) in the show ‘Introducing’s star friend’
#4 – Choi Hye Yoon (the older sister of T.O.P)
#5 – No Hong Chul’s older brother
#6 – Han Moo Young (Han Hye Jin’s older sister)
#7 – Park Min Young (Lee Teuk’s older sister)
#8 – Choi Jong Min (Choi Jung Won’s younger sister)
#9 – Jang Kwangchun (The brother of the gag man – Jang Dong Min)
#10 – Jo U-sung (Jo In Sung’s younger brother)

Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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