We Got Married to Have new Couples

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After a frantic week involving who was staying and leaving We Got Married, it was announced today that all 4 existing couples will now depart the show instead. The producers for the show announced that the sudden decision to cut all 4 couples was taken just this past weekend after a meeting. The final episode for all 4 couples will be aired on 3rd May with the new couples coming in on 10th May.”

Jung Hyung Don – Tae Yeon and Shin Sung Rok – Kim Shin Young couples had already given notice that they were leaving the show before the weekend with JunJin – Lee Si Young, Kangin – Lee Yoon Ji couples now following them as well out of the show.

The number of couples will also be reduced from 4 to just two and given a hour instead 70 minutes. The production team explained, “As this was a sudden decision, we are still in the process of selecting the new couples. The new couples will be formed on the basis of being able to give an accurate portrayal of married life just like in reality. We are trying for a real marriage concept instead of a make-believe one.”

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This was actually something that has been waiting to happen and definitely not a knee-jerk reaction. Ratings have been steadily declining, remaining in the single digit range for the past few months and a far cry from the near 20% ratings it used to get. The ratings for We Got Married (6.9%) and Daemang (3.1%) for MBC Sunday Sunday Night this past Sunday wasn’t even ranked in the top 20. No wonder MBC is getting anxious and worried for they are losing big in advertising revenue and getting walloped in the ratings.

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Competition from SBS Family Outing and KBS2TV 1N2D in the same timeslot have also contributed since they chalked up high ratings consistently every week. But the main reason is most probably that the novelty of the whole make-believe marriage concept has worn off and is no longer appealing to viewers in Korea. People who used to care and show concern for the couples in the earlier episodes have moved on, as the replacements have failed to capture their imagination. The early success of the show also contributed to the rapid demise of the show as things subsequently got recycled, familiar patterns starts appearing, etc.

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