no updates?T_T (+SURPRISE MP3 DOWNLOADS ^_____^)

goodness…i haven’t been able to update for a while now…T_T

sorry about that…I am currently finishing the downloads page…just a day more or two (or three or more…LOL)

I am trying my best to have a wider range of artists and songs to download…^____^

wish me luck…and the delay on working on it…jamlegend maybe…T_T it’s really fun…haha!!better try it…

But of course…this is more important…better work hard!!!
THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING!!!!arigatou gozaimasu!!

MInnieChun is loving 8Eight soooo much right now!!!<3333 hehe…

Surprise you might like after the cut…^___^


TVXQ – Share the World [Vocals Only]
TVXQ – We Are [Vocals Only]
TVXQ – Share the World [Remix]

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