See Wonder Girls @ America

Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls are currently based at the headquarters that their boss Park Jin Young has set up in America, JYP USA. They are currently enjoying an extended dream vacation at the JYP USA dormitory. Just like any other same-age girls, the girls love snapping pictures of their surroundings in New York plus their dormitory. Let us now see how they spend their time in America.

“Batman~!” Yoo Bin’s stomach is growling…we are now at a Korean restaurant near our dorm. Ahjummas will cook for us on weekdays and we will eat out over the weekends.
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We can’t be playing all the time even though we are on vacation. Park PD is now preparing for our American debut and we are also in serious discussion over it.
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Sun Mi’s nickname is 4-D[imensional]. The cute and adorable Sun Mi fits in very well with the streets of New York.
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Woah~ who is that sexy man? Park Jin Young ahjussi is full of charisma and passion on stage. Off-stage, he is someone without airs (not arrogant) and loves cracking jokes.
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Sun Ye and Yoo Bin were very excited at reading the fan book that the American Wonderfuls had created for them. Yoo Bin was delighted to see that her photos came out really good.
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Sun Mi started rubbing her eyes because she said she was sleepy. Ye Eun who was by her side, takes a picture of Sun Mi’s sleepy look.
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“Hello?” the two of them starts playing around again. We don’t actually have mobilephones in America so we often call each other using our shoes. The only caveat about this is that we can only communicate within a radius of 5m from each other.
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Sun Mi decides to strike an interesting pose suddenly, using the handset as a shower head. You can see our spick and span JYP dorm behind Sun Mi. In here, G-Soul and Lim Jung Hee unnie are working hard to realize their American dream.

Our JYP friends, fighting!
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We were full of emotions after our Seoul concert on the 28th (March) and started hugging each other, tearing heavily. We couldn’t stop playing around despite being really busy off-stage. Here’s a picture of So Hee and Sun Mi with the victory (seungri) sign.
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Ye Eun looks kind of nervous from her expression? 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon suddenly wants to compete with the mic to see who has the bigger mouth. They are fighting to be the “one” (miracle).
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We need lots of make-up to turn our raw faces into pretty faces. Our faces have all changed after 1 hour of preparation. Hopefully, it hasn’t reached the point where we become unrecognizable?
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Sun Ye and So Hee posing while waiting to go on stage in their stage clothes.
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Our manager oppa snapped this picture of us on stage. We were nervously singing our first song Saying I Love You while Ye Eun was playing the piano.
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tada~ here’s revealing our raw faces. This is how we look like before the make-up artistes start working their magic. We basically do not have any make-up on when we do not have any schedules. Because it’s not like we look ugly with our raw faces, so we decided to be brave and show everyone the pictures we took, hahaha.

So Hee is really the maknae. She always has the nearest close-up because she feels really confident about her skin. Her eyebrows might look a bit dull, but So Hee’s raw face is still extremely cute.
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“4-D girl” Sun Mi also took a cute selca. From a poll done among ourselves, Ye Eun was chosen as the best raw face beauty. Ye Eun’s skin is very white and is without any spots/freckles. She has the prettiest raw face among us and got 3 votes to become #1.
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We were on SBS Intimate Note together. Someone had joked on a radio show in the past, saying that So Hee and Yoo Bin had a awkward relationship and so this ended up being used on SBS Intimate Note. But actually, we are all very close to each other (note: variety show is semi-scripted)… our (Wonder Girls) greatest weapon is that we love each other, so our fans need not worry about anything~

this is So Hee and Yoo Bin on a stroll down the streets.
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All CREDITS go to: coolsmurf@allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

Aww…I miss Wonder Girls… 😦
They look happy…^____^
Let’s wish them luck on their American Debut…FIGHTING!!


  1. #1 by Andrew on April 30, 2009 - 6:40 am

    i like ye eun’s saengul =)

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