Super Junior #1 April Monthly K-Chart

Despite not winning the weekly K-Charts on KBS2TV Music Bank thus far, Super Junior still managed to come out on top by winning in the monthly charts for April for Sorry, Sorry. This was their 2nd consecutive win for the monthly charts, having previously won the March one earlier.

The 24th April episode of Music Bank was the accumulated chart rankings for April with Super Junior up against fellow SM Entertainment colleagues, Girls’ Generation Gee (still going strong in the charts despite not promoting anymore) and Davichi’s 8282. Super Junior eventually came out on top with an overall tally of 10,185 points, and it was just 8 points short of what they have achieved in March which was really remarkable.

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There were no noticeable tears this time though but just happiness as Lee Teuk thanked the usual suspects, thanking the fans for showing their support for the past 2 months. Lee Teuk kept back his tears at one point and gave a shoutout to Ki Bum (he’s never going to perform, is he?) again and also to the ELFs. The encore stage became a solo stage for 2PM’s Chansung instead as he was dragged by Heechul to the middle. Chansung did a great job of doing the Sorry Sorry dance by himself as the Super Junior members looked on, with Lee Teuk shouting 2PM as encouragement!

Apr 24, 2009 Super Junior – Sorry Sorry(Winning & Encore)


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Super Junior fighting!!!

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