Kim Jung Hoon Finally Enlists

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Singer turned actor Kim Jung Hoon reported on the afternoon of 28th April to the 306 reserve army unit in Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province in front of 500 Korean, Chinese, & Japanese fans. He had a short fan meeting to which he promised to return healthy in 2 years. Kim Jung Hoon debuted with Choi Jung Won in 2000 as UN until the duo disbanded in 2005. Afterward, Kim Jung Hoon became an actor and were seen in dramas Goong (Princess Hours) and Witch Yoo Hee.

Parts of the Short Q&A with Kim Jung Hoon:

1. How do you feel enlisting?

I feel I’m enlisting rather suddenly. For 2~3 years I wasn’t active in Korea but got good experiences abroad. I will return healthy in 2 years to show off a better side of myself. Thank you for supporting me. I will see you in 2 years.

2. 2 years later, what do you plan to do? The reason you’re releasing your first solo album this year?

I have a lot of ambition in acting. Of course I will have to think about it again after two years but I want to show my acting ability. The reason I decided to release a domestic album was because I wasn’t able to be very active in Korea and as I was thinking of a present for my fans, I quickly prepared this album. But I recorded it and prepared it to the best of my ability. So please anticipate it.

3. Who is the last celebrity you met with?

In the recording studio, I met Hong Kyung Min. He told me many good stories.

4. Your state of mind right now?

Clear. It’s a place where all Korean guys have to go. I will make it so I can enjoy it for the next 2 years.

5. The last person you met?

I just ate dinner with my mother. I regret not being able to spend more time with my mother and father before coming.

6. The thing you want to do most after enlisting?

Shooting a gun and throwing a grenade

7. Are you worried about your age?

I heard if you’re old, they let many things slide. So I feel less burdened. But I’m going to try my best as to not hear that I am old. Thank you everyone for coming even though I enlisted rather suddenly. I will return after finishing my duty.


KJH: Haha! I can hide my hair from everyone with this cap

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Oops…Jung Hoon-ah the commander is coming!Ya better take that cap off or else…

KJH:Urrgh!!!I guess I have too…

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…shit this is embarrassing…I really hate my hair!!

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KJH: Yes sir!!

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KJH: Is he going away? He is scary!!

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Jung Hoon seeing his fans…

Jung Hoon-sshi!!We’ll always be here!!

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oh my fans!!You’re the best!!I’ll see you in two years…

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Credits: sweetitude@allkpop; parkminnie@wp



  1. #1 by Dita on January 8, 2011 - 2:46 pm

    hi ^^ are u kim jeong hoon fans??? i know that 🙂 . i’m kim jeong hoon fans too . nice to know u . where u live??? i’m from indonesia 🙂

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