Kim Hyun Joong’s Application for Anycall

Even with all the CFs and hit TV show money, he’s still very down to earth. In his chicken scratch handwriting, Kim Hyun Joong filled out a job application for AnyCall.

This guy has netizens cracking up with his blunt responses on the application. Under ‘Desired Salary,’ he put “any amount paid.”

We all know that he was a little smartie because under Education, he listed is grades as “above average.” For work experience, he listed his current place of employment as “DSP” and job position: Leader.

His special skills included a foreign language, Japanese. And for his future aspirations, he would like to be a director in the AnyCall company in seven years. But he doesn’t wanna be anyone’s gopher. He noted that he would not like to bring anyone’s coffee.

He would like to spend seven years to become a higher up at AnyCall. (He’s just too cute!!^^)

kim hyun joong anycall application

SOURCE: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp


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