Battle of the Pop: Boys Vs. Girls

Channel[V] came up with another battle between artists. If last time they caught the attention of many people elfs maybe (again) they may be able to fool a lot of fangirls into their trap again.

The new battle is entitled Battle of the Pop: Boys Vs. Girls. So are these guys sexists? It’s gonna be a battle between fangirls and fanboys. Round 1 consists of 32 artists (either solo or group). Of course you can’t expect these guys to pick out many interesting artists. I mean even the the songs they know on the particular artist are way outdated. They should have at least done their research.

The match-ups I find quite interesting are…

Rain Vs. BoA

rain vs. boa

Super Junior Vs. Girls’ Generation/SNSD
Picking Gee is forgivable but geez…they should have at least chosen “Sorry Sorry” for the featured song of SJ especially that they used the same song “One Love” on the previous battles.
SJ vs. snsd

TVXQ Vs. Wonder Girls
So Hot? Survivor?

tvxq vs. WG

If this interests you go here to register and vote.

Since the site could get crappy sometimes most of the times I advise you just click the links because when I visited the site I couldn’t even find where the hell the freaking battle is.

I’m just wondering though…if in round one two male artists win and will battle on to round 2, will it still be boys vs. girls (unless one of them is on the feminine side i.e. GAY)???

Damn the one who thought of this concept…Use your freaking brain if you even have one!!

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