Xiah Junsu on Wheelchair @ Secret Code Concert

Story of JUNSU’s examination at hospital

TVXQ’s Junsu was brought to outpatient emergency last night. Because I only knew group Tohoshinki from the name not the members, I didn’t notice at all who he was during all the treatment. But another doctor told me, “He’s Tohoshinki’s member,” and I was like, “Oh! really?” in surprise.

The member (T/N: Junsu) requested to me in much hope, “The other hospital diagnosed it as sprains, but please take a test of it, just in case.”

So an X-Ray test was held. We found sprains, and didn’t see any fracture lines.

The member said from his wheelchair, “I got hurt from yesterday rehearsal,”. Thus from his story, we only suggested him to take rest as his healing treatment.

Maybe I’ll be really nosy to give comment as I don’t know much about Tohoshinki, but from his words, he seemed to be very worried about the fans. I hope you’ll be back well soon.

source: naver + dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

[FANCAM] Kobe 4th Live Tour Junsu On WheelChair! T_T (2009-05-04)

Trans :


Yesterday, Junsu hurt his leg during rehearsal.That’s why there’s a problem for this concert. The staff and the members were contemplating whether or not to cancel the concert but because of everyone who has been looking forward to this, Junsu said he wanted to go on with the concert. OMG Junsu Fighting!!! THSK Fighting!!!

Credits: xiahsoul+dnbn

Another fancam showing our dear dolphin’s sweetness, hard work and his love to fans

090504 4th Live Tour TSC Kobe – Xiah Box in the Ship


It’s really saddening T_T
Junsu oppa fighting!!Your sincerity shows on the vids and it just makes me teary-eyed…T_T


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