2pm performs for Children’s Day & Hi-Seoul Festival 2009


The boys of hot group 2PM performed their debut song “10 Out of 10” at the “EBS Children’s Day Special Broadcasting” event on the morning of May 5th. And besides the fact that it talks about the body of a girl, alcohol, a dirty anime film, this song is just perfect for a crowd this age! (LOL to that!)

MinnieChun: Maybe that’s why two girls are covering their mouth, probably saying “Oh my! body of a girl? alcohol? a dirty anime film?!?” and the cute chubby boy has his two hands on his head might be thinking “WTH are they singing! It’s not appropriate for kids!”

090505 Children Day Special 2PM 10/10 Live

2PM also performed “Again & Again” the same day at the Hi-Seoul Festival 2009, where leader Jaebeom saved the day by jumping into Taecyeon’s rap, because Taecyeon’s mic wasn’t working.

090505 Hi Se0ul Fest 2PM Again & Again Live


Credit: rukiddenmeh?!@allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp



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