2pm’s Finally Got their 1st Award @ M!Countdown


Korea’s magnificent seven, 2PM, won their first award on May 7th at M! Countdown. On the show, they performed their single “Again and Again” as well as a tight song/dance medley with 2nd place finishers SG Wannabe. This is their first award since their debut on September 4, 2008. Hottests (2pm’s fans) must really be happy. Congratulations!!

090507 MCοuηtdοωn 2PM Again & Again Live Performance

090507 MCοuηtdοωn 2PM Winner & Encore


The men in black beamed as they received the award with congratulations from their opposite time of the day, 2AM. The boys, with ab-tastic leader Jaebeom brandishing the trophy, then performed the encore, which just oozed with confidence and a “we’ve made it” aura. As they pumped their arms and swerved their limber bodies, eyes visibly tearing, you know they were thinking about all of the training and diligence that led them to this victory. Congrats to the boys.

2pm trophy

Check this out…it’s funny..xD

Congratulations 2PM !!!!
However, these are some funny notice.
1. This is the first band (which I have seen) that did not cry when theyve got the first award for the first time in music chart TV program.

2. This is the only band which performed encore song in the out-concept dresses, (2 members in gangster style, 4 in bodyguard-like suit, and one in ready to go home dress)

3. This is the first time that 2 bands from same agency that were trained together are on the stage when they are awarded and thank s each others.

4. This is the only band which I have to cheer up when their leader speak Korean.

5. This is the first band which use English catchword “What time is it?” “2pM!!!”
I’m so proud to be the hottest!!!

Credit: allkpop; Symbelmyns; Yipyeee
Sharde by: parkminnie@wp



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