Another Version of SJ’s “Sorry Sorry” this time by IU [mp3DL]

If everyone might say SNSD’s “Gee” or Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” just won’t go away because of all the too many covers done by sooo many artists (and wannabe artists) out there…then I would say that goes the same with Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”.

On May 5, 2009 fresh talent IU sung Sorry Sorry “Guitar Version” on Kiss the Radio. I kinda didn’t like the super fast singing of the chorus but as I listened again and again, it sounded pretty good. Eunteuk did a good job on the background too. Even though I checked this IU chick just bec. she sang a diff. version of “Sorry Sorry”…I must say I see some talent here ESPECIALLY when reading comments on Youtube.

090505 Kiss the Radio – Sorry Sorry (Guitar ver)


In case anyone would just wanna download this version Click Here

Other different sound of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry include: Remake by Royal Pirates, 8Eight’s Version, and the recent Sorry Sorry Remix @Inkigayo

Credit: parkminnie@wp


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