SS501 Act as Stewards on Fanmeeting @ Jeju Island


The SS501 boys met their fans for a fanmeeting in Jeju Island. But what made this special fanmeeting in Jeju more special? The Boys of SS501 acted as the steward in the flight to Jeju Island. The flight are full of anticipating fans from all over asia. From the group fans from Korea they are joined by fans from the neighboring country like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

This is a unique fanmeet that gives the fangirls what they really wanted as a fan…an interaction with their idols. This gave the fans chance to meet and face their idol at a close distance. This for sure gave the fans more hope of becoming close to their idols.

Their management company ineed made a milestone of thinking of a fanmeet that can nurture the love of the fans more. Hope other management company can do such activity too…but of course priviledge fans can enjoy this. How saddening…you spent a lot of money for supporting them and meeting or seeing them in person will make their cash register bling some more!

Enjoy your steward guys!

CR: mamabum88@wp

  1. #1 by Michelle on May 11, 2009 - 9:03 am

    When was this? Cause they’re in LA right now.

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