2pm’s Nichkhun is an Illegal Immigrant?

Comedian Kim Hyun Chul who appeared in MBC “quiz that changes the world” (Sebakwi) is getting a lot of criticisms after his question to Nichkhun of 2PM, whether he was an illegal immigrant or not.

Kim Hyun Chul appeared in “Sebakwi” with Nichkhun on the 9th. The foreign singer Nichkhun said “My friend’s mom watches this show a lot. She wanted me to be a regular in this show” and showed his interest in being part of the program.

Then Kim Tae Hyun,who was sitting next to Kim Hyun Chul, brought laughter to the studio by addressing that Kim Hyun Chul became very uncomfortable by what Nichkhun said, and that he told Kim Tae Hyun to find out whether Nichkhun is a illegal immigrant or not.

Upon Kim Tae Hyun’s remark, Kim Hyun Chul got flustered and told KTH that it was supposed to stay between them. The camera caught Nichkhun being uncomfortable by this statement.

Kim Hyun Chul justified himself by saying that Nichkuhn speaks Korean too well for a non-Korean. Then he got mocked by Lee Hwee Jae for not speaking Korean that well for a Korean.

Eventually, “Sebakwi” made a subtitle saying “We made sure that non of them are illegal immigrants”

However, after the show was aired, the forum was full with comments about the conversation.

A lot of netizens got furious and pointed out the inappropriateness. “Sebakwi disappointed us, was that an appropriate thing to say to a singer working in a foreign country away from his family??” “A lot of fans are very angry on Nichkhun’s fan webpage, go to Youtube.”

But some netizens said “These days they talk about subjects such as divorce and debt on TV, he talked about illegal immigration as a joke, no need to make it a big deal.” and that people need to be more understanding in variety shows.

One of the producers of “sebakwi” stated that it was just one of the topics on the show and it shouldn’t be a reason for any problem and that they clearly mentioned that neither of them are illegal immigrants.

Source: star.mt.co.kr / Korean – Eng: meyva@youtube / post from 2PM online



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