SJ-M Exclusive Interview with Sohu Star Online + 7Rumors


Sohu Korea news: On April 30, 2009, SJ-M, who attended the Sohu Concert at the Beijing University of Science and Technology, accepted an exclusive interview with Star Online. Having debuted for a year, how would they rate their own progress? What have they been doing recently? Sohu Star Online will release the video next Tuesday (May 12, 2009), the picture and content is presented first.



Hangeng: It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted the Chinese fans, everyone’s Chinese has become better. (passes to Ryeowook, everyone uses fluent Chinese to greet)

Sohu: It’s been a period of time with no activities in China. Firstly, congratulations to SJ’s 3rd album for achieving great results recently in Korea. Will SJ-M also have new movements?

Hangeng: We’ve been having activities in Korea recently promoting our 3rd album “Sorry Sorry”. Having achieved such great results, (we are) very thankful to the workers in the company who worked very hard on this album, and our manager(s). SJ-M also recorded new songs during this promotional period. SJ-M’s new 2nd album will be released sometime in the latter half of the year.

Sohu: In our SJ poll, do you know what the 3 most favorite songs are from SJ-M’s 1st album?

Zhou Mi: Taking a guess. Because it’s already been a year for the 1st album activities, “At Least I Still Have You”, “Ai Ni Ai Ni”, and “U”, plus “Me”, I’ll first guess “At Least I Still Have You”, “U”, and “Ai Ni Ai Ni”. (Remark: The correct answer is “U”, “At Least I Still Have You”, and “Me”. Guessed very closely!)

Sohu: What month does SJ-M’s 2nd album plan to release? From image and music style, will there be a subversive change?

Kyuhyun: This new album will be like SJ-M’s 1st album, all the songs will be sung in Chinese. We already started the productions of this album. Although right now (we) still don’t know when it will be released, but (we) believe that it will be an outstanding piece of work just like the 1st album. Recently, we’ve been seriously learning how to compose music. (I/we) believe extremely good songs will definitely be recorded on this new album.

Sohu: Last April 8, SJ-M annouced their debut on Sohu. At that time, you guys wanted to become China’s top/best group. Throughout the year, we indeed saw your results and sincerity. If being the top/best group is 100%, how many percent have you guys reached already now? What are some areas of regret? Or looking back, what areas could have been done even better then?

Siwon: Can’t say a definite percentage. In the past year, everyone’s support to SJ-M made us extremely touched. So all of this year, (we) will continue to work hard on our activities, everyone please continue to pay attention to us.

Kyuhyun: Right now, I think 50% sounds about right. Although I don’t know how long we have to wait until we reach 100%, but we will continue to work hard until that day.

Sohu: The frequent activities in China last year accumulated lots of popularity for SJ-M and won them some music awards, proving their success. What new goals do you want to reach?

Donghae: Last year, we recieved quite a few awards which made us very surprised. This year, we will work even harder, and hope to participate in many award ceremonies just like last year. So, everyone please continue to support us just like last year.

Sohu: Already debuted for a year, (I) believe you guys have some understanding of the Chinese entertainment environment. Compared to other Chinese boy groups, what do you guys think makes SJ-M outstanding and special?

Hangeng: I think each group has their own specialty/talents. (We) should learn from each other and compete with each other to make/become even better groups, going up step by step in the Chinese music scene in the future, so we are still at the learning stage. Our specialty is that we have foreign (Korean and Chinese Canadian) members. I also know some English, Korean, Japanese, Thai – sawat-dee ka. (laughs) (I/we) can learn something from every Chinese singer.


Rumor 1: Zhou Mi. Zhou Mi just celebrated his 23rd birthday on April 19th. You left a message for the fans saying “Each of your simple/little movements gives me lots of courage and confidence”, is there such issue? Talk about a particular movement from fans that left you touched.

Zhou Mi: Trapped ( or This is very hard). (laughs) The messages that fans’ left online for me touches me the most. From the day I debuted till now, it’s already a year. I clearly remember the time when we were doing the Sohu interview, that very scene. I can’t exactly point out what details, but the applause and eye contact that they give me is in my memory, this is their support and approval to me. If it weren’t for their little movements/actions, then there won’t be the confidence and courage for me to stand in front of everyone right now.

Rumor 2
Henry. During this period of time, you mysteriously disappeared from China, what have you been doing?

Henry: In Korea sleeping (laughs). After our SJ-M activities ended, I spent most of my time in Korea. Most of the time was spent practicing, singing and dancing, going to school everyday, and studying Chinese in Korea. I’d take classes similar to after school lessons everyday.

Hangeng: Didn’t you go back to Canada as well?

Henry: Oh, right. I went back to Canada to visit my family. That’s pretty much it.

Hangeng: Henry said that it’s been a while since he last seen his family, so he had a month’s time to go back to visit and be with his family.

Rumor 3: Siwon. There is a Japanese-Korean co-produced live version film called “Hei Zhi Shi” which was adapted from the Japanese manga, and Siwon has already agreed to play the main role?

Siwon: It’s not already confirmed that I’ll be playing the main role. Right now, we are still in the discussion stage. Besides “Hei Zhi Shi”, there are other works being considered now as well. (I) believe that I will come out as actor Siwon Choi to see everyone soon.

Rumor 4: Hangeng. Wants to star in “The Invincible Ugly Girl” (Chinese adaption of the American series “Ugly Betty”) Season 3?

Hangeng: Actually, I have heard/read about this through the internet. If the company has decided, they would tell me. Right now we are busy with SJ activities, if that’s the case, then the company will notify me. I, myself, also hope to participate in these kinds of drama (castings).

Sohu: Previously, the F4 candidate list for “Meteor Garden” received/attracted lots of attention/noise, why didn’t you participate in the drama in the end?

Hangeng: I have also heard of this, but the time they were choosing the cast for “Meteor Garden” happened to be the time SJ was recording our new album. Actually, it has been more than a years time since the SJ members have been together, working and being on stage together, so I feel the 3rd album is very important, therefore being with the members is even more important.

Rumor 5: Kyuhyun. Recently SJ appeared on lots of shows in Korea. Kyuhyun once again showed his impressive singing skills. In Yoo Young Suk’s 20th anniversary album, Kyuhyun re-sang the song “7 Years of Love”, can you sing a little bit of it here live?

Kyuhyun: The song “Shining Star” in our new album is actually composed by Yoo Young Suk senior and (I) got the chance to know Yoo Young Suk senior. Afterwards, I participated in Yoo Young Suk senior’s new album recording. As for singing, Yoo Young Suk senior told me that just singing 五韩元分量 [TN: translations anyone?]’s songs will be ok when I did an interview there, so I’ll just sing 五韩元分量. I’ll sing the remaining parts for everyone to listen to next time.

Rumor 6: Ryeowook. Through SJ’s 3rd album activities, we have also discovered, a new person who loves to cook is born, and that’s Ryeowook. Ryeowook said that he misses Chinese steamed stuffed buns a lot when he had a interview with us a few days ago, how did this come about?

Ryeowook: I miss China when I return to Korea and miss Korea when I’m in China. Furthermore, Chinese steamed stuffed buns are extremely delicious. The singing skills of the other members in the group have improved tremendously, but it seems that only my cooking skills have improved tremendously.

Rumor 7: Donghae. Your Korean minihompy’s name is Kim Kyang Suk (this is a female name) why?

Donghae: (In Chinese) She is my mom’s name ~ because ~~ (how to say it, asks Hangeng)
Hangeng: Just use Korean instead.
Donghae: I just want to show off my Chinese for a bit.
Nikki: How cute

Donghae: I used my own name for my personal homepage before, but my account was hacked, so I could only use my mom’s homepage to communicate with fans. Hope everyone will visit my CYWORLD (used Chinese for the last phrase).


Sohu: Today, (you) did a concert at the Beijing University of Science and Technology, is there any differences performing in a school and usual performances?

Hangeng: Actually, this is SJ-M’s 1st time performing in a university. The feeling was very warm/familiar once I entered the school, thought of the days back then studying in MinZu University of China. In the car, Zhou Mi also said that the school days was a lot of fun. So, it very warm/familiar being together with university students, interacting face to face, bringing back lots of memories.

Sohu: Lastly, say a few words to the fans online.

Hangeng: Sohu friends online, thank you everyone for your continous support for SJ-M, being together with us this year. Hope that our next album will give everyone surprises. Wish everyone good health. Continue to support us, we will continue to work hard, we are SJ-M!

Source credit: sohu
Translated by: ~Sue~ @

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