WG’s Ye Eun’s Report Card is Highly Searched

ye eun report card^Recent High Popularity News Article
3. Wondergirls’ Yeeun’s report card revelation, seeing this she is an ‘Uhm-Chin-Ddal’

Wondergirls’ member Park Yeeun’s report card is being discussed again.

The search word “Yeeun Reportcard” is ranking high on search portal sites.

Yeeun had revealed her report card that is different from others last year on SBS <The Star Show>.

On that day Yeeun’s report card that was revealed by the staff on broadcast was filled with “No. 1″ and “Best” and shocked everyone.

Furthermore not long ago on m-net’s ‘Star’s School life’ programme students from her course proved that she is leading a good university student life which is better than some star’s poor attendance.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls are in America right now, preparing for their album.

Credit: todaykorea + translation – luxtoraa + yeeun-impact.net

OMOO!!That’s really cool!She is certified cutie and brains >.<
Love WG!!


  1. #1 by Ang3l0v3sn0w on May 11, 2009 - 5:03 pm

    Yea! YeEun is smart! That’s why i love her! XD

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