Big Bang 2% Water CFs

Big Bang is endorsing 2% water, and they’re doing a CF base on the concept of bloodtype.

Tabi is bloodtype B, also the playa, he gets close to the girl… about to kiss her? no… smudge her lips hahaha then pushed Baby out of the way kakak he said “Love is a game”

TOP: Type B 2% CF (15s)

Bong and Baby are both bloodtype A, so they’re in this together, with Bong being all depressed while Baby is being cute, so I think it’s about Bong loving his friend’s girl. aww…

GD & SeungRi: Type A 2% CF (15s)

Bae is bloodtype B, the cold hearted one, leave the girl just like that.

TaeYang: Type AB 2% CF (15s)

Dae is bloodtype O (my bloodtype) the cute one, then he start to cry…OMOO!!! Love Daesung!! <333
Though all of them are so cool, this is my favorite…He’s like trying to smile but really sad… 😥

DaeSung: Type O 2% CF (15s)


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