Kamenashi Kazuya Given Guest Role On “Mr. Brain”

It was made known on Tuesday that Kazuya Kamenashi (23) will appear in a guest role in the new TBS drama series “MR.BRAIN” that stars SMAP’s Takuya Kimura (36). It will be the first time the two act together in a project.

Kamenashi expressed his happiness about the opportunity. “I’m really happy to be called upon for my senpai’s drama. On the set, I’m quite nervous but having fun. I’m grateful towards Kimura-kun.” He also explained, “I couldn’t have imagined acting together with Kimura-kun. I have to work hard and do my best.”

Kimura was also positive. “I was really happy to hear that Kamenashi was coming in. I hope that he enjoys this view of the world.” He then added in a compliment, “And above all, Kamenashi looks good in whatever he wears.”

The series, which premieres on May 23, features Kimura as a neuroscientist who helps solve cases for the National Police Agency. Kamenashi will appear in the third episode (June 6), playing the role of a young elite doctor of a university hospital where a murder takes place.

SOURCE: tokyograph.com
Shared by: parkminnie@wp



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