2NE1’s Most Anticipated Debut: Hot or Not? [poll+DL]

Yeah, it is the most anticipated (at least for me and 2NE1 fans) debut. Finally! On May 17th @ SBS Inkigayo, 2NE1 made their official debut. YG made sure not to disappoint with their first girl group, and thus did not pull any punches for this debut stage. The performance was 6 minutes long with an accompanying intro video that was prerecorded at SBS Centre on May 15th.

2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage


The elevator concept was cool. What else could they brilliantly think of, 2NE1 arriving at the 2NE1st floor. Dang! I watched it again&again and…dang!!The freaking intro is HOT!It’s damn hot! About the perf…I stick to my opinion (for now, i guess the more you watch the more you get hooked…lol)

It wasn’t TOO hot of a debut stage, though it is far from dissapointing as well. I guess just plain hot! (and that’s something!) will do for now…

not yet the OMFG!!!!!SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOTTTT!!! I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!d4s5sdag67adsfasfgldjgkasjdkfjklsdjfkjahrweoiiafhiafdsai and all the abuse a keyboard could get =_= (hey it’s their first so there will be so much more room for improvement).

Love the vocals @5:52-6:02

2NE1 fighting!!!Great job on a first live perf! definitely one of the best and one of the most anticipated! YG is really genius, sigh.

If you want to download this perf Click Here

P.S. sorry for the exageration and this is plain opinion ^^



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