Star Cook 3: SJ is like a nine dish food

슈퍼주니어는 ‘구절판’같은 음식이에요. 각각의 재료만 떼어놓고 보면 그저 평범한 음식이지만, 9가지 재료가 모이면 하나의 근사한 궁중요리가 되잖아요. 멤버들이 따로 활동하는 경우도 있지만, 서로를 늘 잊지 않고 있어요. 슈퍼주니어는 누구 한명이 아니라 13명이 모두 모여야 완성되는 ‘구절판’같은 존재라는 것을요

SJ is like ‘Platter of Nine Delicacies’ (mixture of different food – Korean traditional). If we divide them up, they may seem to be plain, but put all together, they make a grand palace dish. Members work separately sometimes, but we never forget each other. SJ is not individual members, it’s all 13 gathered together to complete the Platter of nine delicacies.

He’s the youngest, but is a mother-figure. He likes to make dishes to feed our members. One day, he made a ‘vegetable bacon’ and said, “Hyungs don’t eat vegetables, so I was thinking about how to feed them all the good things, so I chopped it up and mixed it with bacon”

Doesn’t eat seafood.

The delicacy lover of the group. He even goes out to places where it’s famous for that particular dish.

He eats things that’s good for his body. Even things he doesn’t like, if he gets told that it’s good for whatever part of his body, he’ll get a taste of it

His tastes are like a New Yorker. He enjoys espresso and waffles. He looks cool, I think.

It’s strange, he can make Ramen for 1, but not for 2.

Meow~ Has a typical kitten tongue. Can’t eat hot (as in the temperature) food. He has to wait for his rice to cool down, even.

He eats a lot of everything, but restricts himself strictly when he’s working out. He’s really strict on looking after himself.

He pours kkakdukki sauce (kind of kimchi made with radish instead of chinese leaf) into 설렁탕 (type of soup).
When I see him put chilli powder and spring onion when making Ramen, it seems that he enjoys Korean food more than a Korean person.

He eats little, but often. He has a strange habit of tapping the chopstick when picking up the side dish.

His character tends to be flexible, so he is more considerate to others when making choices. With food choices, he likes to concede his choice for me, so he says, choose food that Hyung want to eat. He is the member most similar to me with hobbies and tastes.

He eats everything well. Not a fussy eater or a fussy person.

credits ; sj-market,
translated by soundscape @

This is a random post, meaning not latest…I just found it interesting ^^


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