Super Junior continues to dominate KBS2 MuBank after winning #1 “It’s You”

MB 052209 it's you

Having just being released about 1 week ago, Super Junior continue to dominate the chart with their new promotional hit ‘It’s You’ after a massive success with ‘Sorry Sorry.‘ On 15th of May 2009, Super Junior ended their ‘Sorry Sorry’ promotional event and will now promote their latest single ‘It’s You.’

Suju’s new composition music ‘It’s You’ landed at #1, winning with a large margin by over 2000 pts up against 2pm’s Again & Again and new entry Women’s Generation by SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara.

results MB 052209

Super Junior has already won 3 consecutive awards last week and a total of 5 awards for their hit ‘SORRY, SORRY’ at KBS Music Bank. Having won more than 10 awards at various music stages (Mnet! Countdown & SBS Inkigayo). Super Junior hopes ‘It’s You’ will help them raise their popularity amongst the netizens.

‘It’s You’ is a song composed by E-Tribe, who also composed hits such as SNSD’s Gee and Hyori’s U-Go-Girl, which gives a live-tempo vibe and a feel of acoustic work of Euro Techno R & B sound and retro dance sound which is combined.

The stage was really big and you can almost hear the crowd going ‘SUJU SUJU’ who is loved. They also loved the choreography.

090522 Super Junior “It’s you” perf

090522 SJ winning #1 with “It’s you” @ MuBank

TOP 10
1. Super Junior – It’s You
2. 2PM – Again and Again
3. Davichi & SeeYa & T-ara – Women’s Generation
4. SG Wannabe – 사랑해 ( I Love You )
5. Son Dambi – On a Saturday Night
6. 2NE1 – Fire
7. SNSD – Gee
8. Davichi – My Man
9. Lee Seung Chul – No One Else ( A Sad Story Than Sadness OST)
10. Younha – 1,2,3

vid credit: GemieSJ@YT
Sources : KBS, MTV Korea
Translated By: ♥ NaNo NaNdOz @

See my dear fellow elfs? That’s 2000 pts. away from SJ’s competition…The leak didn’t affect our boys that much right? Elf-love for the boys did prevail ^^


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