Top Korean Artists in Thailand [male;female;singer categories]

Korea-Thailand Exchange Center did a survey on 27th February until 26th March. 489 Thai’s was surveyed four times on different categories.

Based on the result of the survey, Bae Yong Joon gets 22.8% of the voting,becoming the most popular male actor. Won Bin and Kim Rae Won was the first and second runner up with 18.8% and 13.3% each.

For female actor, Song Hye-Kyo won first place with 21.75% of the vote while Yoon Eun-Hye 20.4% and Lee Da Hae 20% follows tightly at the back. They gained so much popularity because one of the TV channel in Thailand was airing << Winter Sonata >> and << Autumn In My Heart >>.

For the singers category,Wonder Girls gets the crown with 17.2% of voting, becoming the most popular group in Thailand, Rain with 17%, Super Junior with 15.5%, Big Bang with 15% and DBSK with 14.5% follows up.

During the survey, Wonder Girls held a successful concert and their popularity shot up tremendously. Based on the result of analyzing, the image of Korea was high affected by Kpop because 99% of the respondents said that Korea’s image was better compared to five years ago. When they’re asked for the reason,they said that its because they’re affected by Korean drama and singer.

[translation :ky.sunmi@Speactacle]


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